Premium Cola_Cuba Libre
refreshingly different

Premium Cola

Perfect for mixing with dark spirits
GOLDBERG - Barbados Libre - Premium Cola GOLDBERG - Barbados Libre - Premium Cola
elevated classic

Premium Quality

Harmonizes perfectly with dark spirits

With this Premium Cola, we have succeeded in creating a filler which perfectly complements dark spirits. In addition, the remarkable carbon dioxide content of the drink guarantees a distinctive drinking experience.

GOLDBERG - Whisky Cola - Premium Cola (2) GOLDBERG - Whisky Cola - Premium Cola (2)
new drinking experience

Cola redefined

Experience a new and elevated cola flavour with our perfectly balanced blend of sweetness and subtle notes in every sip. Each taste is a unique treat for your taste buds.

Premium Cola_Cuba Libre Premium Cola_Cuba Libre
recipe idea

Cuba Libre

Fill a highball glass completely with ice cubes, add the Rum, fresh lime juice and top up with GOLDBERG Premium Cola. Garnish with lime slices.

50ml Haynes Rum

GOLDBERG Premium Cola

Fresh Lime Juice

Lime Slices

premium cola



Typical Cola flavour. Sweet, caramel-like, citrusy, and spicy.

Carbon content: 10g/l


Bottle container: 0,20l

This Premium Cola was specially designed to pair perfectly with premium dark spirits, such as rum and whiskey.

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