Goldberg - Mediterrane Pink Tonic
GOLDBERG Mediterranean Tonic
mediterranean and refreshing

Mediterranean Tonic Water

As good as the original Tonic Water with that certain extra of herbal notes
GOLDBERG - MedTonic - Moods-4860 GOLDBERG - MedTonic - Moods-4860
mediterranean nuances

handpicked botanicals

Perfect for gin and tonic with light, floral gins such as: Mermaid Gin

A delight for the senses for a mediterranean flair and special moments of pleasure. Mysterious, sincere and unforgettable, it is the perfect filler for a light and floral Gin. Among others, four handpicked botanicals give this premium filler its distinctive character with mediterranean nuances. Thyme, rosemary, citrus and orange notes provide an intense and refreshing taste experience that is second to none.

Mediterranean Tonic_Mediterranean Flair Mediterranean Tonic_Mediterranean Flair
recipe idea

Mediterranean Flair

Fill a highball glass with ice cubes and add Gin. Fill up with GOLDBERG Mediterranean Tonic Water and garnish with a herb bouquet.

40ml Mermaid Gin

GOLDBERG Mediterranean Tonic

Herb bouquet

Mediterranean Tonic Water


GOLDBERG Mediterranean Tonic - splash

Mediterranean nuances of thyme, rosemary, citrus and orange notes

Carbon content: 10g/l


Bottle container: 0,20l

Perfect for gin and tonic with light, floral gins such as: Mermaid Gin

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