GOLDBERG Delirium Japanese Yuzu Tonic
GOLDBERG Japanese Yuzu Tonic
exotic and unique

Japanese Yuzu Tonic

by Jimmy Barrat – the Tonic perfection
Finest Spirits in fridge Japanese Yuzu Tonic Finest Spirits in fridge Japanese Yuzu Tonic
exotic & complex

For creative highball drinks

With this extraordinary mixture real taste revelation was created

GOLDBERG Japanese Yuzu Tonic impresses with its finely balanced interplay between exotic fruit and complex bitterness. This unorthodox mixture helped exceptional mixologist Jimmy Barrat to fulfil a dream. A genuine taste revelation for anyone who strives for perfection behind the bar and truly wants to rediscover tonic.

Yuzu Tonic_Japanese Gin Tonic Yuzu Tonic_Japanese Gin Tonic
recipe idea

Japanese Gin tonic

Add the Gin and ice cubes to a tumbler and fill with GOLDBERG Japanese Yuzu Tonic. Then garnish with cherries and oranges.

50ml Japanese Gin

GOLDBERG Japanese Yuzu Tonic

Cherries & Oranges

Ice cubes

Japanese Yuzu Tonic


GOLDBERG Japanese Yuzu Tonic

Unusually complex aroma with a slight acidity, a restrained sweetness and nuanced bitter notes

Carbon content: 10g/l


Bottle container: 0,20l

For creative highball drinks with that certain tonic twist

enjoy the taste
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