GOLDBERG - BL - Noble Cocktail
GOLDBERG Bitter Lemon
fresh and citric

Bitter Lemon

flavoured tonic water
THE DUKE Cocktail with Bitter Lemon THE DUKE Cocktail with Bitter Lemon
exciting sparkle

Highball and long drinks

natural freshness of lemons

GOLDBERG Bitter Lemon unites the natural freshness of lemons and oranges with the intensive bitterness of real quinine. The exciting sparkle of the finely balanced carbon dioxide enables this unusual drink to develop its full potential and turns GOLDBERG Bitter Lemon into a sensual experience. A tasteful trinity of fresh lemon and orange flavours, plus finely balanced bitterness of quinine are the unmistakeable characteristics of GOLDBERG Bitter Lemon.

Bitter Lemon_Vodka Lemon Bitter Lemon_Vodka Lemon
recipe idea

Vodka Lemon

Fill a highball glass with ice cubes and add vodka. Fill up with GOLDBERG Bitter Lemon and garnish with a lemon wedge.

40ml 9 MILE Vodka

GOLDBERG Bitter Lemon

Highball glass

Lemon wedge

bitter lemon


GOLDBERG Bitter Lemon

Fresh lemon and orange aroma and balanced bitterness

Carbon content: 10g/l


Bottle container: 0,20l & 1,00l

Highball and long drinks with vodka and other light spirits

enjoy the taste
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